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DBZ started as dragonball then DBZ now next it will be Dragonball Grand Tour (GT). Their are sagas and a wide range of villans. Its the most popular anime seris of all time. It starts out in Dragonball with bulma and goku. They meet Master Rotie(still cant spell name). They go on a adventure trying to fing 7 dragonball so they can make a wish. Eventually they fing krillin yamcha oolang and the rest of the gang. Then theirs DragonballZ the most popular. It gose through mant sagas like freeza and cell saga. It has many more charecters and action packed adventures. After thet their is DragonballGT (the last of it all). It also has more charecters and adventure where every body is strong. THEIR IS NO NO NO NO DRAGONBALL AF (FORGET IT).

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