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Their are 4 levles


This is the 1 stage you have to be angry and a pure heart to acheive it. Or you need to stop careing about being super saiyan.


Tis is ultra its a add on to stage one you increase strength and power but not speed.


This is stage 2 Gohan was the first to reach it in the cell saga.Your hair sticks up a little more and you have electricity bolts around you.


This is stage Goku and gotenks reach this others might Your hair gets alot longer a lot changes beleive me. Goku was the first to reach this level vegeta skips this level


This is the final stage only vegeta (by cheating useing a pill bulma gives him} and goku reach this.In GT. Your hair gets back to normal and you grow a tail and weird red hair. Befor you some even change intill to golden ozaroo.

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